3 Quick Tips on Transitioning to Non-Dairy Milk

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1. Try lots of different milks

I've settled on oat milk as I find the consistency (and taste) most similar to dairy milk. But others love Soy, Almond, sweetened, unsweetened. Have a play around to find what you taste buds like.


2. Transition your (and your family's) tastebuds slowly.

It DOES taste different. What I did was start by using 3:1 parts dairy to non dairy milk - in my coffee, on my cereal, in béchamel sauces, and slowly change the ratio. I'm now at 100% non-dairy most of the time, or at least 1:3 dairy:non-dairy. With this increase of non-dairy milk, I've changed our milk order from 6 dairy, 3 oat milk a week to 3 dairy, 6 oat milk (the kids still mostly prefer dairy or a mix).


3. Ask yourself do you really need milk?

Coffee I found very easy to use oat milk in straight away, but tea just didn't taste quite 'right' with it in. So I actually found that using a dash of cold water was what my tongue wanted, rather than milk, so I did that instead. (I'm now used to the taste, so happy to alternate oat milk or water.) 


Nutritional Comparison of Plant & Dairy Milks

Per 1 Cup / 240ml Calories Carbs
Sugars (g) Protein (g) Fat / Saturated Fat
Vitamin D (mcg) DV Calcium (mg) DV Potassium (mg) DV
Cow's Milk (low fat) 100 13 13 8 2.5 / 1.5 25% 30% 370
(Unsweetened) Almond Milk 30 1 0 1 2.5 / 0 25% 45% 160
(Unsweetened) Coconut Milk 45 1 7 0 4 / 3.5 25% 45% 40
Oat Milk  130 25 5 4 2.5 /0 25% 25% 90
Pea Milk 70 0 0 8 4.5 / 0.5 30% 45% 450
Rice Milk 120 23 10 1 2.5 / 0 0% 2% 35
Soy Milk 80 4 1 7 4 / 0.5 30% 45% 287



Remember.... BE KIND to yourself. Take your time - especially with kids. It's really different changing what they drink and eat. Start with things they don't notice so much: porridge, béchamel sauce, offer to pour the milk on their cereal and just put a dash - just to introduce the taste, without the fear of change. And then slowly increase.


You'll get there. I am now. And the rest of the family is slowly coming along too.


ps - I both our organic dairy and oat milk from @freshmilkandmore


Stay safe and keep well,

Elena x




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