COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)
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COMING SOON > Climate Confidence: Carbon Literacy Course (December 2023)

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* Climate Confidence will start Tuesday 5th December 2023 9:30am UK time*

(Next course planned for w/c 8th January 2024.)

Climate Confidence is Contented Earth’s fully-accredited one-day Carbon Literacy live online course, full of hope and designed for people who want to make a positive change. Places for each session are limited for the best group learning experience.

Are you one of the 64% of us in the UK who are worried about the impact of climate change? Do you want to do something to reduce your own impact on the planet, protect the earth for future generations? But do you worry that the changes you make won’t have any effect on climate, or will be too expensive?

Would you like to learn ways in which to feel more hopeful, taught in a well thought out and engaging way? This course content is clear and gives the right balance of facts / figures with engaging stories and room for personal thought, reflection and group discussions.  It is delivered in a friendly, relatable and accessible way for all participants.

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Climate Confidence will give you the understanding and confidence to not only create (and act on!) your own climate action plan, but to also give you the confidence to communicate with others about the climate crisis and inspire them to take action too. Climate Confidence will provide you with the knowledge and tools to have a beneficial impact both at an individual and a systemic level. You'll leave the course excited about the future we can create together. 


This course is be a deep dive into carbon dioxide emissions and the climate crisis. We will look at: the science of climate change; the impact of changes in the climate, locally, nationally and internationally; the possible futures we can choose from; and the actions we can and should take.


Following successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Carbon Literacy certificate, unique to you and be certified Carbon Literate by the Carbon Literacy Project.


Carbon Literacy is a desirable asset for any employer as a carbon literate citizen is more likely to display a compassion for the environment, their health and the health of those around them. This makes them directly more employable.


Plus, did you also know that between 2022 and 2023 the share of job postings on LinkedIn requiring at least one green skill rose by 22.4%? The median LinkedIn hiring rate for people with at least one green skill being 29% higher than the workforce average.

Read more here... Green jobs represent over 30% of UK Job Postings

Course structure

This 'Climate Confidence' course covers:

  • The science behind climate change
  • Social equity & climate change
  • What you can do to act on climate change
  • Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change


Climate Confidence is delivered in live, online in small teaching groups (aiming for  4-8 people on each course).


The 8-hour course is split over two half-days of live teaching, plus homework, as follows:


  • Tuesday 5th December - Day One -  9:30am - 12:30pm UK time
  • Tuesday 12th December - Day Two - 9:30am - 1:00pm UK time
    • Day One - 3 hours
      • Part One - 80 minutes
      • Break - 15  minutes
      • Part Two - 90  minutes
    • Homework - 1.5 hours
      • Documentary - 90  minutes
    • Day Two - 3.5 hours
      • Part Three - 70 minutes
      • Break - 10   minutes
      • Part Four - 130   minutes
    • Total = 8 hours


    What will I get from the course?


    By the end of the course you will have...

    • Gained an understanding of
      • the basic science of climate change and how climate change is affecting us both globally and locally
      • the different possible futures we can create
      • social equity and climate justice.
    • Created an action plan to lower your carbon footprint, and to take collective action in your workplace, school, community group.
    • Explored strategies for influencing others to take action on climate change.
    • Gained the confidence to share your Carbon Literacy and to inspire action in others too.


    And you will feel...

    • Enthused and empowered to want to reduce your own carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of those around you!

    Certification is awarded following the successful completion of all 8 hours of 'Climate Confidence'. Each learner will be awarded a uniquely-coded Carbon Literacy certificate to reference that achievement, officially certified as ‘Carbon Literate’.

    Title: Becoming Climate Confident. 1. Learn - Learn the facts about the climate crisis and climate injustice, with picture of a woman with digital graphics in her head. 2. Act - Create your own climate action plan (& act on it!) with picture of eco protest with a placard saying 'Save Our Planet'. 3. Inspire - Have the confidence to communicate with others about the climate crisis and inspire them to take action too, with photo of woman with a loudspeaker.


    Why bother?


    Ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wearing a yellow high-vis jacket and welly boots, standing by large pipes on a road, with water gushing out |Contented Earth | Climate Confidence | Carbon Literacy Training


    According to the WWF, because:

    • Snow Leopard, Turtles and Polar Bears are awesome
    • You need your morning coffee fix
    • Coral reefs are amazing
    • We all need clean water
    • We all hate the sight of politicians in wellies(!!)
    • Rainforests are incredible
    • We all deserve to breathe clean air
    • Clean tech is exciting
    • We are all affected, no matter where in the world we live
    • For future generations.

    And according to the latest IPCC report:

    • "There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all."


    What is Carbon Literacy?

    ‘An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’

    The term has had occasional use in scientific literature and casual usage but now is almost exclusively associated with The Carbon Literacy Project.

    Carbon Literacy is the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how we all live, work and behave in response to climate change.

    A Carbon Literate citizen understands how climate change will affect them and the people around them. A Carbon Literate citizen has acquired the knowledge and skills to develop their own responses to lowering their carbon footprint, and the carbon footprint of others, whilst having the confidence to share their Carbon Literacy.

    Important Note


    This thorough, eight-hour course is definitely worth £100. However, we would never want cost to be a prohibiting factor in why you wouldn't sign up.

    If you are unable to pay the full cost of the cost, please don't hesitate to contact me here: and we can work out a price that works for you privately. Please be rest assured regardless of how much you pay, everyone will get full access to the whole course.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    • No terms

    • If you are not happy with the course we will offer you a 100% refund


    Purple Logo saying 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Reviews of previous courses

    " I completed Elena's course 'Just A Little Bit More Eco' course in 2022. It is a fantastic course which includes live workshops, reading and watching recommendations which is a fantastic way to support everyone's learning styles and keep us engaged. Elena is extremely knowledgeable on climate change and gives enough information to then turn the information into actions you can take within your own life.
    The course was so thoughtfully put together and Elena delivers the course in a friendly, relatable and accessible way for all participants. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone as well as Elena as a brilliant workshop leader. Thanks Elena." 

    - L.W. 

    "Elena has excellent teaching skills. Her courses are well thought out and engaging. The content is clear and gives the right balance of facts/figures with engaging stories and room for personal thought, reflection and group discussions. Doing this course gave me the confidence to start working with local groups and helped me realise that was what I needed to do personally to feel I was not alone in my concerns about the environment.

    Subsequently we have set up a community nature reserve in my local area and are running a programme of events this year to engage the community. Our most recent one was a session to build nest boxes - that was in February and several of them are now home to blue tit families. I have also submitted a bid to a local pollinator fund for a grant for further community workshops. Not to mention i have made friends from all walks of life in my local community, who share my concerns, which is really lovely."

    - K.A. 

    * * * * * 


    Picture of Elena Cimelli, with her head in her hand, looking at the camera and smiling. She is wearing a white knitted sweater.

      Elena Cimelli

    I'm an Climate Activist, with a background as an entrepreneurial marketer who's always had a passion for the Environment.

    I aim to educate, inspire and support people in taking environmental and climate action - both at an individual and at a systemic level.

    Contented Earth provides online eco-learning courses, eco-friendly alternatives for everyday essentials and special gifts. 

    I have completed two Carbon Literacy courses over the past two years, so I'm doubly certified carbon literate!

    Two Carbon Literacy Project certificates - one dated 26 Dec 2022, the other dated 28 April 2021 

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