Hope Month Saturday Morning Workshop: ‘The Resilient Spirit’
Hope Month Saturday Morning Workshop: ‘The Resilient Spirit’
Hope Month Saturday Morning Workshop: ‘The Resilient Spirit’
Hope Month Saturday Morning Workshop: ‘The Resilient Spirit’
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Hope Month Saturday Morning Workshop: ‘The Resilient Spirit’

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We'd love for you to join us for this Saturday morning workshop as we move towards the end of Hope Month and celebrate and reflect on all that we have gained from The Book of Hope.

The Resilient Spirit Workshop will be a blend of mindful movement and meditation with Yoga and Meditation teacher, Harriet Macmasters-Green, plus discussion around the eco inspirations, tips and wisdoms we've absorbed from the beautiful soul of Jane Goodall.

The workshop will be held LIVE on Saturday 28th January at 10:15-11:30am UK time (available on catch up).


We reflect nature so deeply in both our regeneration and the cycles of the seasons.

During the winter season, there is a natural calling for us to slow down, however, the modern world have us flow against this.

Linking this to balancing the water element of winter, if we allow ourselves to slow down, we can experience a sense of flowing with life, instead of bashing up against it.

Mindful movement and meditation, such as the flowing and intrinsically strengthening movements of qi gong can provide us with much needed nourishment.


IMPORTANT: After you purchase, you will be emailed zoom details of how to join Harriet for these sessions.


Recommendations for Harriet:

“I absolutely love Harriet’s classes.  Everything is explained and demonstrated so beautifully.  You do what you can and she makes you feel like a super hero.  At the end of her classes you feel like you’ve just had a big hug.”

— M.C


“If you need to take a breather and check in with yourself, I cannot recommend Harriet’s class enough.  I found that it provided a safe space where I felt both liberated and empowered.  Loved it!”

— L.A


“Harriet’s teaching is beautiful - I often describe it as poetic and regularly recommend her classes to friends.  What makes it so beautiful is that Harriet brings my favourite energetic combination of fire and air to the mat - she is strong and powerful, yet grateful and subtle too.”

— L.B



About Harriet MacMasters-Green

To find those moments of peace is a struggle for so many of us. Be reassured that the one thing you can know when you begin is that I’m right there with you!

I passionately believe that Yoga is for “Every Body” and that everybody deserves the opportunity to have Yoga in their lives. You don’t need to practice for hours each day, but allow yourself a few minutes of quiet mindfulness within that precious time. This will help support your parasympathetic nervous system which will almost certainly lower the over stimulated mind and body.

Find out more about Harriet here....

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