Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit, by The Contented Company
The Contented Company

Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit, by The Contented Company

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Banish plastic from your bathroom, with this 100% plastic free Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit - the perfect way to kick-start your journey to a plastic free zero waste lifestyle.

Want to make a change to your plastic consumption in your home, but don't know where to start? Why not start in a room which normally houses so many plastic containers - the bathroom. With this Mini Starter Kit, you'll have taken your first step in sustainable living and towards a zero waste lifestyle - and you'll never look back. 

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Starting your journey to zero waste, the Zero Waste Dental Starter Mini Kit contains these eco friendly sustainable goodies!

  • 1 * Bamboo Toothbrush - The handle of this eco-friendly toothbrush is made of especially fast-growing bamboo. The  petroleum-free bristles are made from renewable raw materials (castor oil).

  • 1 * Bamboo Interdental Brushes - Pack of 6 Interdental Brushes with a plastic-free bamboo handle, and are an environmentally friendly complement to your daily dental care.  Like all Hydrophil products, our Interdental Brushes are, of course, water-neutral, vegan and fair trade. 

  • 1 * Plastic Free Toothpaste Tablets - This plastic free pack of Toothpaste Tablets in a home compostable bag with approximately 2 months supply. These toothpaste tablets are 100% vegan and plastic free, and available in Fluoride-Free or With Fluoride. Chew a tablet until it turns creamy - Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as usual - Spit - done! 


About The Contented Company

Elena Cimelli | The Contented Company

Hi, I'm Elena, and I'm the name and face behind the Contented Company. The Contented Company is an online shop selling Eco & Zero Waste products, alongside two intentionally nutritious cookbooks: The Contented Calf Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Mums and The Contented Kid Cookbook of Treats & Eats

I’ve always been a bit of a quiet eco gal, plugging away, doing my bit, going the extra mile and trying to inspire others to make a change.  Well, the time has come to make a bit more of a noise, properly inspire, drive and support others making changes. And so, in November 2018 I introduced Contented Earth, and merged all sub-brands into The Contented Company.

To read more, visit our About Us page.

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