Coconut Bristle Biodegradable Scourers - in kitchen, plus box
Coconut Bristle Biodegradable Scourers - scourers on their own
Coconut Bristle Biodegradable Scourers - on surface, with box, and plant
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Biodegradable Scourers (twin pack), by EcoCoconut

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Biodegradable and highly durable multi-purpose scourers, which have been designed to bring sustainable style to your kitchen, with the functionality to deliver a superior clean. The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks.

The brush cuts through tough grease and is safe on non-stick fry pans and is non-scratch. It is naturally antibacterial, free from toxic chemicals and easily removes mould.

100% natural ingredients100% Plastic FreeBiodegradableEthically ManufacturedSustainableVegan

Usage: Use in exactly the same way you would use a conventional plastic washing up brush. After use, store in a way that allows the bristles to dry.

Materials: coconut husk bristles.

Packaging: Cardboard box only - biodegradable and recyclable


About EcoCoconut

EcoCoconut was created to give people the opportunity to choose biodegradable and sustainable coconut based products over plastic. We believe the next generation cares about the future of our planet, and that choice empowers people to make informed decisions to help save our planet from environmental disaster.

Corporate Responsibility

It is our corporate responsibility to ensure our policies and business practices respect a commitment to creating positive change for our planet and its environment.

Supply Chain

  • Our suppliers have over 135 years of trade, winning multiple awards for eco manufacturing and are the largest multinational company in Sri Lanka, driving a competitive business portfolio.
  • EcoCoconut draws on this heritage of manufacturing with the goal of becoming a household name of ethical, sustainable and eco friendly products.
  • Corporate and business governance, ensuring leading OH&S and labour practices and compliance are in place.
  • Awarded Number #1 Corporate Citizen for the 5th consecutive year, for the best Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

Other Information

The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks – the outside of dried coconuts.

All of our products and their packaging and shipping materials are 100% Plastic Free, this includes labels and tape. 

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