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To celebrate National Breastfeeding Week 2020, I would love to share some amazing mama run businesses that support mamas through their breastfeeding journeys. Please check out these amazing ladies and fantastic products and services...

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-boo.b-logoBoo.B Ltd

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-boo-b-smoothie-siabaSiaba Tumoe became a first time mum in early 2015. Like many new mothers, her decision to breastfeed didn’t start off as plain sailing. In fact it was a very stressful  period. Luckily for her,  her mother decided to research foods that aid the production of breast milk and she began to incorporate them into her home cooking. With her new lactogenic diet and plenty of family support, she was able to over came  the bumpy start.

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-boo-b-smoothie-website-ready-35_origSiaba’s fascination with Lactogenic foods grew the more she researched them and she began making smoothies with the ingredients which were quick and convenient for a busy new mum.  When a breastfeeding friend asked to try her smoothies, Siaba obliged. A week later she received a message saying “These smoothies are amazing, all breastfeeding mums should try them!”

As they say, the rest is history.




contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-boobbix-katie"Boobbix was born from my worries about not pumping enough for my 10 month old daughter. So I set out to find natural ways of helping to boost my supply to make sure that we both got the most of out breastfeeding whilst we could.  I wanted help with feeding her and wasn't able to get that with the small amount I could pump. 

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-boobbix-cookies-boxI have developed recipes that can not only possibly increase your milk supply, but that are good for you too, as well as being tasty for you and your family! Most of our ingredients are organic and our recipes are developed to ensure that they include nutrient packed ingredients such as cranberries, coconut oil, raisins, almonds and peanut butter.  We also only use unrefined sugars and flours!"

- Katie - Founder Boobbix



contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-hotteamama-logoHotTea Mama

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-hotteamama-Bethan_HTM_1000xHotTea Mama is the brain child of Kate, who had 2 babies in under 2 years.  She found it hard to know what to drink over this time, as wine and coffee were off the table.  The information on line about how much tea and what teas to drink was confusing, so she approached Bethan for advice.

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-hotteamama-milksup-teaBethan trained as a tea taster and buyer and worked for over 12 years for large British companies.    Bethan has an incredibly specialist knowledge as she was the first non-Chinese person to get a degree in Tea Science, from The University of Agriculture and Forestry in Fujian Province, China. 


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contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-mamajewels-grey-web-logoMama Jewels 

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-mamajewels-amanda“I looked around the baby group and realised that most of the mums, like me, had stopped wearing jewellery, when I asked why they said ‘Our children keep chewing and breaking our jewellery so we just had to stop wearing it’.

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-mamajewels-hamperThat was the moment I decided to use my artisan jewellery design skills to create jewellery that a baby can’t break, can be washed, and is completely non-toxic for when babies chomp on it, but still looks gorgeous” 

As the business has grown, we’ve created a beautiful range of artisan gift boxes and hampers, which include our teething toys and necklaces, crochet stuffed animals, bibs, baby and bump balms, oils, and so much more! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a baby shower, check out our mum-to-be pamper and hamper boxes.

- Amanda Waring – Founder Mama Jewels


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contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-milkmakingmama-logo_360Milk Making Mama

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-milkmakingmama-maria"I am a London-based German mama of two little girls. I started Milk Making Mama as a community to help mums get together. To motivate, educate and support each other through their breastfeeding, pumping and bottle-feeding journeys.

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-milkmakingmama-productsWith my little self- drawn designs I want to create little sparkly celebrations for these moments that often get forgotten by others, and that truly deserve so much credit. My designs are to celebrate the physical and emotional work that goes into breastfeeding and pumping.

And I am passionate about normalising all aspects of breastfeeding, pumping, and supporting mamas throughout their milk making journey by celebrating these small and little milestones."

Maria Betsworth (IBCLC) 


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contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-mothers-love-cookies-logoMothers Love Cookies

"Mothers Love Cookies is a home bakery specialising in delicious made to order cookies to support nursing Mums.

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-mothers-love-cookies-megMy inspiration came through my desire to help my neighbour who had just had a baby. One of my friends in the States told me about these amazing cookies that helped breastfeeding Mums boost their milk supply. I tried a few recipes and took them to my neighbour. She loved them and told me they really worked!


I decided to trial some alternate flavour combinations and test them out on some other willing Mums in the next village. Their feedback blew me away! Not only did they find the cookies delicious, they all reported an increase in their milk supply. Knowing how helpful these cookies have been to the Mums I know, I just had to share them with you."


- Meg - Founder & Baker Mothers Love Cookies


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contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-Bshirt_Logo_200X200_120xThe B Shirt

As an NCT trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Lisa volunteered at her local Sure Start Centre for three years, counselling new mothers on breastfeeding issues. Very often she would see women embarrassed about feeding in public, wearing intricate breastfeeding clothes that restricted the feeding access for the baby and they were unable to achieve a good position and latch as a result.


She often suggested to women that they cut holes in a T-shirt to wear as an undershirt as she herself had found it to be a great solution when she fed both her sons. 

contentedcompany-uk-national-breastfeeding-week-the-bshirt-B-ShirtNov2019-52HRweb_540xEventually Lisa started making breastfeeding undershirts for friends and one day she showed her creation to Philippa. Philippa loved the idea but wondered if there was a way to make the breastfeeding tops so that they could be worn on their own if the mother got too hot.

Lisa and Philippa spent 2015 and 2016 perfecting the designs of their breastfeeding vest, which is unique in the market. They intend to develop their breastfeeding clothes brand further, offering different styles and colours.


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As ever, with love from our family to yours, especially in these strange times.

Stay safe and keep well,

Elena x

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