Plastic free biodegradable bamboo and cotton buds - buds on table
Plastic free biodegradable bamboo and cotton buds - buds on box
Plastic free biodegradable bamboo and cotton buds - box in bathroom
Plastic free biodegradable bamboo and cotton buds  - box on wooden table, buds on table
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Biodegradable Cotton Buds, by Hydrophil

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These biodegradable Cotton Buds, by Hydrophil, are made from bamboo and organic cotton, thus biodegradable, and totally plastic-free.

So now you can now chose our sustainable alternative. After usage, you can dispose of the cotton swabs by simply throwing them into your organic waste or compost.

  • 100 Cotton Buds per box
  • 100% natural ingredients – Bamboo and Organic Cotton
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Compostable & Biodegradable
  • Zero Waste
  • Vegan
  • Water Neutral
  • Ethically manufactured

Usage: As always, be careful - Cotton Buds are intended for cleaning the ear, but not the ear canal. After use, do not throw into the toilet, but into the biodegradable waste or compost.

Ingredients: Bamboo, Organic Cotton

Packaging: Cardboard box only - biodegradable and recyclable


About Hydrophil:

We are Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the founders of Hydrophil, your brand for sustainable hygiene products. The word Hydrophil stems from Greek and means water-loving. We live up to our name, because that’s what we are – in love with water! We all need this wonderful resource to live – water is the essence of every existence!

To ensure that subsequent generations are also able to benefit from our valuable water, we intend to use and pollute as little water as possible through our actions. In doing so, we want to try to open people’s eyes to all ever-diminishing resources. You can read more about our motivation, our vision and our commitment on the last pages of this catalogue.

With our project Hydrophil, we intend to make a conscious contribution to the responsible handling of our environment. Therefore, we offer you products that are waterneutral, vegan & fair.

To read more about Hyrdrophil and their products, head to Hydrophil's 2019 Catalogue.

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