Just A Little Bit More Eco - Summer 2021 [Inaugural Course]
Just A Little Bit More Eco - Summer 2021 [Inaugural Course]
Just A Little Bit More Eco - Summer 2021 [Inaugural Course]

Just A Little Bit More Eco - Summer 2021 [Inaugural Course]

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Summer Course now in session.


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A four-week eco course, giving you the knowledge and tools to have a positive environmental impact in just one month with bite-size, actionable content - videos, articles, challenges, apps, plant-based family-friendly recipes and more...

Create a positive impact in just four weeks - by becoming just a little bit more eco.

Over this four week course we will be looking at four areas of the environment: Plastic Pollution, Zero Waste & The Circular Economy, Biodiversity Decline and Climate Change.

Each week this course will:

  1. Introduce you to that week's topic - through videos and articles to read

  2. Ask you to take action - through a weekly challenge, recommended apps to download and use, and a weekly quiz

  3. Support you - by providing: a family friendly plant-based recipe, a eco-specific meditation to ease your eco anxiety, email template to lobby your MP / council / school / companies you buy from

  4. Give you homework - Don't worry! This will be a recommended TV programme or film to watch.

Week One will start on Monday 21st June at 12 noon.

Once you have paid for the course, you will be emailed with your logon details.

Included: FREE additional expert support!


Each week qualified Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Katharine Smith from Your Designed Living will be providing a family-friendly, nutritious plant-based recipe to help you transition towards a more plant-based diet.

Each week Yoga and Meditation teacher, Harriet MacMasters-Green will guide you through a specially designed meditation to help ease any eco anxiety that you might be feeling and release you from the overwhelm.



contentedcompany-eco-zerowaste-plasticfree-top-tips-boost-immunity-elena-cimelli  Elena Cimelli 


The Contented Company is a Twickenham-based mum-run family business, offering a wide range of eco-friendly and zero-waste products, helping support your family get closer to plastic-free and zero-waste living, in addition to a focus on Intentional Nutrition through diet. Elena co-authored The Contented Calf Cookbook for Breastfeeding Mums, and went solo to write The Contented Kid Cookbook of Treats & Eats. Her focus is on health: of ourselves, of our family and of the planet.

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