Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set, by The Contented Company
Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set, by The Contented Company
The Contented Company

Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set, by The Contented Company

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Looking for plastic free fun for the Eco kids in your life? Our Zero Waste Eco Kids Gift Set is the answer. Hours of plastic free and eco friendly craft fun for your little ones - make wildflower seedbombs to give away or keep, and then let them add some sparkle to art work, cards or faces!

  • Wildflower Seedbombs DIY Kit

  • 3 * Wildflower Seedbomb Gift Bags

  • Plastic Free Eco Cosmetic Bio Glitter® PURE (Trio Pack)

100% Native Wildflower Seedbombs DIY Kit & Gift Bags

Perfect family friendly messy play! We love making our seedbombs and we are sure you will too. The Bee Wild Kit contains all the lovely ingredients to make your very own wildflower seedbombs and comes beautifully presented in a hessian bag and make the perfect gift for your nature loving friends and family. Let's all do our bit to help the bees and restore some of their vital habitats. Kits are made using biodegradable, recycled and reusable materials. Plus, the perfect way for you to gift your homemade Seedbombs - in one of our beautiful Bee Wild linen drawstring pouches.

100% Plastic-Free Bioglitter® PURE

Certified ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ by TÜV, a world first and cosmetic grade, you can use both glitters on your body, face and hair; and for Arts and Crafts too.

This Bioglitter® PURE trio set includes; 3 x 4ml bottles of our Bronze, Citrine & Sterling biodegradable glitter, bamboo application brush and aloe vera application gel.

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    How to use & product info for Wildflower Seedbombs DIY Kit:

    • Each kit contains all you need to make between 20-30 Seedbombs - enough to cover an area of 4 sq.m or 42 sqft. (Comes in a hessian drawstring bag - 13cm * 17cm)

    • We have measured everything for you - so all you need to add is water! We have included clear step-by-step instructions.

    • Keep some Seedbombs for yourself to throw and grow and give others as gifts to teachers, grandparents and friends, using the extra gift pouches included in the kit.

    How to apply eco glitter to your face and body

    We suggest that you use our organic aloe vera gel to apply the eco/bio glitter.

    It is safe for children, but we recommend not putting on children under 3 years old, as they have a habit of rubbing their little faces!

    1. Either premix the eco glitter with the aloe vera gel and paint on to your face or body.


    2. Put aloe gel on the skin and then brush on the glitter.

    Both work well, it just depends on the look you are going for.

    How to remove eco glitter from your face and body


    • We just wash off with a mild soap and water.

    • Wet wipes tend to just rub it round the face and irritate the skin, so we generally try to avoid removing with them.


    Wash off using your usual body wash. Be warned, you may still be finding bio glitter in your house a few days after!


    About The Contented Company

    Elena Cimelli | The Contented Company

    Hi, I'm Elena, and I'm the name and face behind the Contented Company. The Contented Company is an online shop selling Eco & Zero Waste products, alongside two intentionally nutritious cookbooks: The Contented Calf Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Mums and The Contented Kid Cookbook of Treats & Eats

    I’ve always been a bit of a quiet eco gal, plugging away, doing my bit, going the extra mile and trying to inspire others to make a change.  Well, the time has come to make a bit more of a noise, properly inspire, drive and support others making changes. And so, in November 2018 I introduced Contented Earth, and merged all sub-brands into The Contented Company.

    To read more, visit our About Us page.

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