Earth Month: Friday Lunchtime Lives - meet Shamanth from Something Organic

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On Friday 23rd of April Shamanth from Something Organic joined me for one of the Friday Lunchtime Lives I'm doing over Earth Month. Meet Shamanth and discover all about her business, what inspired her to take environmental action, what she's trying to do to restore our Earth (the theme of Earth Day 2021).

Who you are and what does your business do?

Hi I am Shamanth Pereira Founder of Something Organic. At Something Co we inspire humankind to upgrade your daily essentials with sustainable alternatives that not only elevates your lifestyle but also reduces your impact on mother earth.

How did you came to start an Eco business? Were you Eco as a child?

It all started since having children I became more aware of the amount of waste we generated as a family! It was astronomical when you factor in the amount of diapers baby use, and the “experiments”around the house that result in more waste.

We were always eco as kid, my grandmother would always reuse our plastic bags from the shop. We would have a big bag with all the plastic from the wet market/super market etc. Pretty common sight in every Malaysian home.

The same applied to paper bags from shopping malls we treasured them and would often reuse them as present bags.

Also if we ever did take aways that came in the transparent plastic tupperware, we would wash it and reuse those and not forgetting those plastic forks! We use to have a drawer full of them.

Not forgetting the jam jars that turn into spice jars or just a jar for my grandmother to store her bits and pieces.

Since having a family of my own I felt compelled to do something instead of just sitting on the sidelines.

What do you do / would you like to do more of in order to help ‘restore our earth’?

We offer sustainable alternatives - our flagship product bamboo toilet paper uses a natural resource that grows abundantly and faster than trees! We have removed the single use plastic and swapped them for cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable.

Certainly not enough, I would like to continue innovating and finding more sustainable solutions for most of our everyday essentials!


What’s your tip to feel less overwhelmed, but take more action?

Focus on the small things, taking small imperfect action compounds over time.

  • For example, reduce your food waste, as it is the third largest contributor to climate change
  • Do away with single use plastic bottle ( I am still working on getting better a this as I have the emergency situations where my boys have left their water bottle and needs supplies!)
  • Whilst on your run, Go plogging - a combination of Swedish words plocka(to pick up) and jogga (to jog). Pick up litter on your daily jog around the neighbourhood - have fun while doing it!
  • Support brands that practice sustainability :D 

Friday Lunchtime Live 23rd April

If you would like to watch our Live on replay, head to the saved IGTV.







I hope you have enjoyed learning about Shamanth from Something Organic and hearing about her eco journey and eco tips as much as I did.

As always, any questions, please just shout.

With love from our family to yours,

Stay safe and keep well,

Elena x


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