Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis*

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(* Yes, I know it's a reach, but... if we ALL did these things, then they actually, probably would solve it, just saying... )


The Climate Crisis: it's all TOO much, isn't it?


Sometimes the climate crisis is just too much to face.


Not only the terrifying reality of what we will all face if we do not limit global warming to 1.5'c above industrial levels, but also the question of "what can I do about climate change?"


It feels so complicated.


There seems so MUCH to do. So many options. So many things to change. And so little time!


I get it.


I've felt the same thing.


But the other evening, something in my head just clicked!


It's not as complicated as it first seems.


There's not lots to do. There's not too much to do.


In fact, there are a just few simple things that will have a hugely positive effect in the fight against the worst effects of the climate emergency.


Have this as a check list of guiding principles against which to check your daily decisions and actions, and not only will you be taking real action to fight the climate crisis, but you’ll also not be letting that fight take over all of your mental and emotional energy and deny you of time spent enjoying this wonderful life that we're all fighting for.


Side note: one of the benefits of waking up to the reality of the climate emergency, no longer burying your head in the sand and facing the fear head on, is that every day is filled with joy. You truly appreciate every bud on every plant, every sound of bird song, every ray of sunshine, every snowflake, every breath of fresh air, every hug, every laugh, every crappy Netflix show. You appreciate ALL of it. And it's beautiful and joyful.


This life, this world, is worth us all fighting for.


Every fraction of a degree counts.


And there are just seven things we need to do.


Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis

  1. Voting & Lobbying

  2. Diet

  3. Energy

  4. Travel

  5. Being a (truly) sustainable consumer

  6. Hope through Action

  7. Finances


How you can solve the Climate Crisis...


1. Solve the Climate Crisis through Voting & Lobbying

Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 

Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Vote

a. Vote Green whenever you can

Green-minded governments and councils can stop environmentally irresponsible projects, phase out fossil fuel subsidies and choose to invest in climate-friendly Green projects instead. They also set up the regulatory framework for small businesses to large corporations to operate in a low-carbon, environment-enhancing way.


In last year’s local elections (May 2022), the Green Party had a net gain of 81 seats. There are now a total 542 Green councillors on 164 councils!

If there’s no viable green candidate in your local area, check out this Greenpeace evaluation of the green credentials of all the major political party manifestos in 2019. (To be updated at the next general election.)

A new ranking evaluates the green credentials of all major political party manifestos 

b. Email your MP (regularly)

Did you know that every communication to your MP gets logged?

Even if your MP doesn’t agree with your concerns and priorities, and never replies, it is STILL worth emailing them - your views and those of other constituents will be recorded.

Keep telling them to make fighting the Climate Crisis their top priority.

c. Sign every petition you can on climate

Every signature makes a difference.


2. Solve the Climate Crisis through your Diet

Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 

Reduce your (especially red) meat and dairy

Food production is responsible for between one-quarter and one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. [i]

Simply halving our meat and dairy intake would make a real difference on our carbon footprint, possibly cutting our overall footprint by up to 10%. [ii]


Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Carbon Emissions Food

And for meat eaters, your initial focus should be on reducing or cutting out beef, lamb, and cheese. Beef from a Beef herd emits TEN TIMES the about of Greenhouse Gases across the food chain than Chicken. [iii]

Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Meat footprint


3. Solve the Climate Crisis through your Energy Use

Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 
  • a. Save energy in your home by insulating it as much as you can. On a 3 bed previously uninsulated house, insulation could save you 1 tonne of CO2e emissions a year![iv] Line-drying your washing, instead of using your tumble-dryer 200 times a year, could save another 400kg CO2e a year.
    Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Loft Insulation | Save Energy
      Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Which Report Green Energy Suppliers



      4. Solve the Climate Crisis through your Travel

      Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 

      • a. Choose active travel (walking or cycling) or public transport wherever you can.

        Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Cycling

        • b. Reduce or eliminate your air travel.

          Do you know the carbon cost of the flights you take? Here are a few examples of typical flights from the UK:[v]


          CO2e Cost in Tonnes

          Flight (return) Economy Premium Economy Business Class
          Manchester to Malaga 0.56 1.13 1.97
          Leeds Bradford to Lanzarote 0.89 0.89 1.33
          London to New York 1.65 2.64 4.78
          London to Los Angeles 2.60 4.15 7.53


          If we’re aiming to reduce our personal carbon footprints from close to 13 tonnes down to 2.5 tonnes per year, with the aim of keeping global warming below 1.5’C[vi], the carbon cost of these flights uses up a HUGE chunk of that carbon ‘budget’, and some use it up many times over.

          Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Flying

          5. Solve the Climate Crisis through being a (truly) Sustainable Consumer

          Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 

          • a. Do you really NEED that purchase, or just want it?
          • b. Buy second-hand wherever possible.
          • c. If you have to buy new, try to make truly sustainable choices – and not just fall for companies’ greenwashing.
                Two tools I use to help me choose how to spend my money are:

                  Ethical Consumer - £30 a year subscription and rates over 40,000 brands and products across Energy, Fashion & Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Money, Retailers, Technology and Travel


                  Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Ethical Consumer


                  B Corp Directory. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.


                  Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | B Corps

                  6. Solve the Climate Crisis through having Hope through Action

                  Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 
                  • a. Follow positive climate stories.

                    With all the scary headlines and fatalistic news stories it’s VERY easy to think that all is lost and there’s no point in taking any action. This is not healthy for us or the planet.

                    Instead make sure you follow accounts who highlight positive climate and environmental stories, and remind you of just how many people are taking action to help combat the climate crisis.

                    Some great accounts are:

                    I also try to post a weekly Climate Happy News on the Contented Earth account, so make sure you follow: 

                    Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Contented Earth | Climate Happy News
                    • b. Take quick, simple, regular action.

                      And if you want one easy eco / climate action to take each week, taking from just seconds to a few minutes, then sign up to

                       Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Just One Thing

                      • c. And TALK about eco changes you’re making.

                        Research found that nearly 6 in 10 Americans think that people should install solar panels on their homes.

                        However, when asking those same Americans about what others believe, they estimate that only 3 in 10 people think other people should install solar panels.

                        People perceive they’re more alone in believing more people should take climate-positive action than they really are. And if people don’t realize that those around them hold positive views of these climate actions, they are less likely to take climate action.[vii]  

                        Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | Talk

                        7. Solve the Climate Crisis through your Finances

                        Did you know that the money (our money) our current accounts, savings and pensions are often being used by UK high street banks to fund fossil fuel extraction?[viii] 


                        In the last 12 months, the Big 5 UK high street banks – Barclays, HSBC, Santander, NatWest and Lloyds - provided $37bn to fossil fuel companies, helping drive climate change.[ix] 



                        And did you know that you can cut your carbon 21 times more than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy, simply by making your pension green?[x]   (That said, please keep doing everything else on the list too. Just make sure your money turbocharges those steps, not undermines them).  

                        Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis - Blog | How Do I Do That 


                        a. Check how green your bank is
                          b. Tell your bank to stop financing fossil fuel expansion (choose your bank, and complete a pre-written email)
                          c. Tell your pension provider to go green expansion (choose your provider, and complete a pre-written email)
                          d. Switch banks (or pensions).
                          We changed our bank last year and it was surprisingly easy and relatively painless. Once we opened the new account, we told our new bank our old bank details, and all the direct debits and standing orders were changed across to our new bank.
                          Plus, there is a redirect from our old bank to our new bank that stays in place for 12 months from the switch date in case any random payments come into that account during the first year of the change. We haven’t had to write to any utility, credit card or mortgage company to tell them of the change. It was all done for us.  

                          Seven Simple Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis

                          And so that's it!


                          Hopefully you can see that instead of feeling chaotic and overwhelming, it’s really super simple. By focussing on these seven areas of your life you will have a big impact on your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.  


                          Seven super simple steps:

                          And if we ALL do these seven things, we really can solve the Climate Crisis.

                          I hope this realisation calms your mind and soul as much as it did mine.

                          If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.


                          With love from my family to yours,


                          Elena x



                          References & Further Reading  

                          [ii] If 83% of our carbon footprint from food comes from meat and dairy, if we halve that we get 41.5% + the remaining 17% from other food sources, gives us a total carbon food print 58.5% of what it was originally. With food making up around 25% of our total personal carbon footprint, 58.5% of 25 = 14.62%, rounded to 15%, instead of the original 25% Therefore, halving our meat and dairy intake would reduce our overall carbon footprint by 10%.

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